Chicks On Speed

Chicks on Speed is a multinational electro-pop/multimedia collective for music, performance, design and visual arts, founded at The Academy of Fine Art, Munich in the late 1990s as a performance project.

CoS today consists of US-born Melissa E. Logan (from upstate New York), who lives in Berlin, and Australian Alex Murray-Leslie (born Bowral, Australia), who lives in Trondheim. The duo cross lines and build new groups and are direct descendants of bauhaus, Fluxus, SI and created Electroclash in the last milenia.

The international art band hurls politics and art theory over repetitive beats and electronica with skewed catchiness and poetic intensity. Swerving into experimental improv and sinking into electro pop, ever retaining their avant-garde edge.

The band has flirted with the dance charts with songs like; We Don’t Play Guitars, Fashion Rules! And Good Weather Girl, all of which have been cult hits in German, Singaporean and Australian dance charts. They have released five studio albums and numerous EPs.

Stéphanie Hollevoet :
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21 10 23 L’abeille – Riddes, Suisse